There is no denying that the world is making a digital transformation. The different forms of technology give us immense space for creativity and endless possibilities. From a business point of view, this means that the digital age has transformed the way brands tell their story and reach their audience. 

Traditional media such as radio, print ads, and television serve as a one-way communication channel for brands to reach consumers. Now with the help of the internet, it is possible for brands not just to connect but also build real relationships with consumers on a personal level. This permanently altered the way consumers behave and communicate with brands. 

So with the digital age today, what’s the effect of these circumstances on your marketing and advertising? How can you utilize the traditional and digital forms of media for your business goals?   


Despite being in the digital age and the undeniable declining growth of print according to a study titled “Global Print Advertising Market Report & Forecast 2019-2024”, this form of advertising is still essential and relevant when it comes to reaching your market. PRINT IS NOT DEAD! Flyers, brochures, posters, and any print media provides unlimited exposure to any other forms of media. Plus this gives a physical and tangible medium for the target audience. 

Digital Media

Digital media is news or information shared through electronic devices. Social media posting, blogs, videos, etc. There are many types and different ways to create content in the digital space. Platforms like Facebook and Google provide an interactive experience to their audience by commenting or replying to their publisher, this makes a two-way communication between brands and their audience.

One of the main advantages of digital advertisements is measuring metrics for your campaign. Two of the biggest platforms used for this are Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. From demographics to interests, these platforms can determine and provide detailed customer data, an essential criterion for marketers to produce effective and efficient campaigns for their target market. 

So which one is better – digital or print? 

The answer is both. Print and digital media have their advantages and disadvantages. Although the prevalent use of mobile phones, tablets, and wireless networks exposes consumers to digital media, print is still an essential part of advertising. Especially today, every brand is in the digital space, the competition for the market is a lot tougher than ever. That is why advertisers and marketers need to produce creative and unique content to stay relevant to the market. A lot of successful campaigns utilize the right combination of print and digital media. 

Utilizing the digital + print media

The symbiotic relationship between print and digital media can help produce more creative marketing methods than ever before. No matter what industry the business is, when done correctly, using print and digital media can create a powerful marketing strategy. Below are a few tips and techniques to make the most of both approaches.

Incorporating CTAs (call to action) to printed materials encourages interested audiences to visit social media pages or websites for more info that drives more traffic to your preferred landing page. A best practice to raise awareness for your brand. Using incentives like promotional codes can also be used to lure audiences for more traffic.

QR codes and URLs serve as the bridge between printed marketing and digital media. May it be a website, landing page, or social media account, this is a great way to direct consumers and drive traffic to your online campaigns. Not only that your audience is consuming the printed material, but you can also track cross-pollination and record data on your users.

Variable printing is a technology that allows you to personalize data, graphics, and images as you print them without slowing down the print process. This technique is a fit for direct marketing that involves customized data. One example of variable printing is to use it in a campaign that makes subscribers sign up for free goods and marketing materials. 

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