For our example we will be taking a look at a weight-loss coach who wanted to reevaluate her clients’ relationship with food. She came to us with an idea for a name and the desire of a butterfly in the logo. We took those ideas and ran with them entering the drafting phase. Below you can see many of the ideas we tried out for her design while working off her feedback to find the perfect fit.

She liked the idea of the cursive lettering for the logo so we continued to incorporate it more and more until we had the final version being entirely in that script. The butterfly went through many revisions, some incorporating ideas of her faith, some trying to layer in a heart shape look, and some of various different ideas such as building it into the lettering, trying to make it the right one for her. After a multitude of trials we finally found our final version and placement. We sent her a few of what we saw as our best ideas and she selected the one we have now saying it was perfect for her.

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