We were approached by a local restaurant looking to update their menus. They were adding some items and also just wanted a fresh newer design. We started by getting a list of items they wanted on the menu along with their prices. That way we had a base to go off of. Next step was to start working on a layout using the colors and feel that fit the customer the best. We stayed in consistent communication with the customer every day to make sure we got feedback on what they liked and didn’t like about our designs.

Once we had come up with a design that everyone liked, we had to get pictures of the food for examples. So we set up an appointment and got our photographer over there to take professional pictures that we could use. Then it was just placing the pictures into the designs, making some minor adjustments so they would fit, and we were off to print. We printed the files on a larger sheet and cut them down, and just like that the job was done. The another project complete and another happy customer.

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