Having a professional and user friendly website is a vital piece of any business endeavor. Having a well designed will bring credibility to your business, it will also strengthen your overall brand. Having an online presence will give your business a larger chance of being found.

During our web design process, we work with you to decide what pages you want and kind of content is best for your website. We keep you updated through out the whole process. After building a strong foundation of information, we proceed to our design phase.

During our design process, we start with the home page. Once this is created, along with some mocked up secondary pages (depending on your needs), we send over your page designs. This allows you to get a starting point of the direction we are going for your website. By keeping you in the loop and allowing you to provide feedback at different phases of your site, we hope that this allows you to feel part of the project and ensures we are heading in the right direction of what you envisioned for your website.

With the combination of feedback our and our design skills, we continue to build your website till it is finalized. Once finalized, we recommend that your website stays consistently updated. This helps with that online credibility we mentioned in the beginning and we can show you how to keep your website update or we can do that for you!

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