We offer photography!

We don’t only draw the images for our designs. Some things require a more real, still life approach such as headshots for a business card or about me page, workplace photography for a flier or website, etc. This is why we also offer photography! We will travel out to your location with the equipment required […]

The Making of a Digital Board

We can also do some of the more uncommon marketing methods. We can take a look at a client who needed a short video made for a digital billboard. We talked to the client about a few different ideas and set to work building it in slides. As a board it needed to be different […]

The Making of a Logo

For our example we will be taking a look at a weight-loss coach who wanted to reevaluate her clients’ relationship with food. She came to us with an idea for a name and the desire of a butterfly in the logo. We took those ideas and ran with them entering the drafting phase. Below you […]

Your Project Is Never Too Unique For Us

As a graphic design business, we love unique projects! One of the most unique design requests we have received is the designing and printing of knife covers. After being approached by a private chef who wanted a innovative and creative way of sharing his information, we knew this project would be an interesting one! With […]

The Making of a Menu

We were approached by a local restaurant looking to update their menus. They were adding some items and also just wanted a fresh newer design. We started by getting a list of items they wanted on the menu along with their prices. That way we had a base to go off of. Next step was […]

Our Website Design Process

Having a professional and user friendly website is a vital piece of any business endeavor. Having a well designed will bring credibility to your business, it will also strengthen your overall brand. Having an online presence will give your business a larger chance of being found. During our web design process, we work with you […]

Our Business Card Design Process

A business card is one of many the parts of your brand and with a good design, your card helps grab that attention of potential customers. Your business cards should conveys the message of your business and highlight your level of professionalism. At Jamie Alcala Creative, we are creative and mindful to you and your […]

Crossing The Digital + Print Media

There is no denying that the world is making a digital transformation. The different forms of technology give us immense space for creativity and endless possibilities. From a business point of view, this means that the digital age has transformed the way brands tell their story and reach their audience.  Traditional media such as radio, […]