The Making of a Logo

The Making of a Logo For our example we will be taking a look at a weight-loss coach who wanted to reevaluate her clients’ relationship with food. She came to us with an idea for a name and the desire of a butterfly in the logo. We took those ideas and ran with them entering […]

The Making of Knife Covers

The Making of a Knife Covers Lets cover one of the more unique requests we have received, knife covers! We were approached by a private chef who wanted a bit more of a different way of getting his name out there. He wanted knife covers for some chef knives that he was selling or giving […]

The Making of a Menu

The Making of a Menu We were approached by a local restaurant looking to update their menus. They were adding some items and also just wanted a fresh newer design. We started by getting a list of items they wanted on the menu along with their prices. That way we had a base to go […]

The Making of a Website

The Making of a Website Having a professional website is a very important piece of any business endeavor. Lets take a look at how we go about making them for our customers. We’ll look at the example of a dog trainer whose website was not up to her standards and she came to us for […]

The Making of a Business Card

The Making of a Business Card For the example this time we will be looking at a project we did for an investigative researcher who needed business cards that fit her style. So we started by getting to know her and her business a little bit so that we could figure out exactly what her […]

Crossing The Digital + Print Media

There is no denying that the world is making a digital transformation. The different forms of technology give us immense space for creativity and endless possibilities. From a business point of view, this means that the digital age has transformed the way brands tell their story and reach their audience.  Traditional media such as radio, […]